Month: May 2022

Evie Valenzuela


My name is Evie Valenzuela. I have four children, one grandson and have been married to my greatest supporter, Michael Valenzuela, for 31 years. I have worked as a medical lab technician in Victoria for the last 29 years.

Though I have always loved art, I have never considered myself an artist. Ceramics classes since 1999, first with Bill Bauer and now with Gerry Bernhard, have fueled my current art passion with clay. I mainly throw on the wheel and love the carving techniques I have learned at Victoria College’s CE ceramics class, specifically using engobe and  mishima.

Kathy Warren

My paintings are what I see where I live, chronicles of my life you could say. I began painting many years ago, mostly oils, some watercolors, studying with Herma Turpin.
Then after a long hiatus to deal with life, I started to paint again, this time with acrylics. Nothing was safe during the re-start. I painted my husband, my grandkids, my dogs, my horses but finally concluded, I preferred Mother Earth’s offerings the most…with a few mermaids thrown in for good measure. Recently, I am enjoying doing “petite peintures”.
I enjoy the interaction of a show and look forward to visiting with you during the Downtown Art Walk.

Janice M Carriger

My love for nature and the outdoors is a natural fit for my love of photography.  Photography has been an interest since I was young and has now become my passion and creative outlet.  I love all aspects of photography from wildlife to landscapes.

I am a member of the Victoria Photography Club and Victoria Art League.

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Please contact me at 361-779-7376 or at for purchase options.


Gail Dentler

I’m an artist based in South Central Texas.  I am documenting in art, natural food sources consumed by hummingbirds as they migrate through Texas.  These plants are found in our gardens, landscapes and are naturally drought tolerant.  I am creating these botanical illustrations as a way of conservation for this big beautiful planet upon which we live.   I have botanical prints for other cottage garden splendors.

  I have received a BBA from Sam Houston State Univ. and an MAE from Texas Tech Univ.  My work has been shown in juried competitions such as Handweaver’s Guild of America Assoc., “Small Expressions”, Bernina’s “Quilt for a Queen”, in the UK, and “A World of Beauty”, International Quilt Association’s International Quilt Festival.  Currently my work is in two private collections: Bernina’s U.K., “Quilt for a Queen” and “Love Ewe”(photography) with Texas Tech University’s private collection, exhibiting at the Hill Country campus.  I have been juried by Cara Manes, an assistant curator of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York for the Houston exhibit:  Assistance League of Houston “Celebrates Texas Art 2020.”.
Contact me at

Omar Ramos

Hello there. Currently, I’m the junior curator and art teacher at The Nave Museum teaching the children and young adults art classes. When I’m not working I’m either making sketching, painting, taking photos, or editing photos.

Mica Bones Jewelry

Mica Bones makes badass jewels for badass babes. Her silver smithed, copper electroformed and beaded jewelry are dark and unique and made for the BOLD!

Brea Lara

Brea Lara is an artist from Victoria, TX, Her art is fueled by her passion to empower herself and those around her and ranges from illustrations, graphic and logo design, to mixed media art pieces and pyrography. The art she creates is heavy in symbolism and tends to focus on duality. It tells the story of various stages of the process of self discovery and sheds light on the dark recesses of the mind. She has over 10 years of experience in print media as a screen printer and graphic designer and has a BA in Applied Arts and Science. In her spare time she loves to work in her gardens with her husband and tend to her cat children and feral colony. Her and her husband actively protect and socialize the ferals in their neighborhood and provide veterinary care to them as well. She loves Halloween, the dark and macabre, unicorns, and sci-fi.

Metallic Grandma

Metallic Grandma? What’s that? It may sound like a geriatric rock band, but it’s not. I jokingly call myself the Metallic Grandma because I love to paint images of things made of metal (cars, planes, trucks), and I’m a proud grandma of two grandchildren.  I also paint seascapes because they are so soothing.

I have painted on and off for most of my life, but began to take it seriously two years ago. I do commission work and have sold while exhibiting in the Victoria Art League gallery.

One of my favorite things is watching the connection people make with one of my paintings. I hear lots of stories! And of course it’s wonderful to see a painting go to a new home where it brings a smile everyday.  So drop on by during the Artwalk. I’d love to meet you!      Cindy Tharp

Michael Sanchez

Wow you’re actually reading my bio? Thank you! My name is Michael Sanchez and I come from Magnolia Beach. I have been making art since I was a child and as you can see I’m continuing to do so still today. Cartoons and caricatures are how I’m trying to start my professional career as an artist. My goal is to get my name out to as many as possible and further my artistic career. With God as my guide and my light I forge ahead. God bless all of y’all.

Felicia Boyd

Felicia Boyd is a Victoria native who studied Theatre Design and Art while attending Texas A&M Kingsville. She has been teaching Theatre and Art throughout South and Central Texas for the past 24 years. While she works in various mediums she tends to work mainly in pen and ink, watercolor and paper quilling.

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