February 2023

Trent Rickman

Trent was born in Cuero, TX on July 13, 1979. In 2005, he began his journey as an artist. Trent is a self taught multi media creator & he utilizes his love of art to show the observer a soulful reflection.

Rae Culak

Rae Culak is a Victoria native and freelance graphic design artist. She has a Bachelors of Art in Communication Design from the University of Houston-Victoria and a love for creating art in many forms.  As an artist Rae uses a variety of mediums from pen and ink, linoleum carving prints printed on traditional printing press, copper plate etching,  acrylic paints and watercolor.

Lara Seidenberger

My name is Lara and I love to dabble into all forms of art. Lately I’ve been making custom butterfly tables that are surely bright additions and conversation pieces to any room. I also hand-sculpt essential oil misters and droppers with polymer clay.

Krysta Lyssy

Krysta Lyssy primarily focuses on painting, but works in a variety of mediums.  She has shown her work in solo and group shows as well as at festivals and public spaces.  She is currently selling original paintings as well as prints of her more detailed series of works.  In addition to art, another passion of hers is teaching.  She has taught in the public school system for over a dozen years and currently teaches art at Howell Middle School.

Artist statement, “Color is the awakening force in my artwork.  It evokes feeling and brings an intensity to the visual experience that is life. As soon as I let go of the notions of what I should be painting or what things should look like, something amazing happens.  Subject matter becomes of less consequence and instead I can begin to capture a feeling or idea.  That is what I’m trying to harness in my latest series of paintings.”

Kaitlyn matlock

Hi my name is Kaitlyn! I am a 20 year old born and raised here in Victoria texas. My love for art started practically before I can even remember. As a child, I had a great sense for creativity. I enjoyed painting, drawing, coloring, building, sewing. As I grew, so did my interest in the arts. I began to experiment with different mediums throughout my time in middle school and high school- pencil and Charcoal being my favorite. I recently started experimenting with oil paint, and found a new love for painting landscapes, still life, nature, and anything that I find beauty in. Join me in my journey as me and my art continues to grow!


Sorry to disappoint you… I’m not actually a rabbit. My love for art began at the age of eight, when I was simply inspired to be better at it than my grade school bully…
That bit of pettiness aside, I discovered that creating art gave me a sense of tranquility.

I am experienced in a variety of mediums, but within my pursuit of a graphics design degree, I found my true passion lies in digital art.

Inspired by the macabre, the disturbing, and the cute, the majority of my stylized creations revolve around my own original characters, who have evolving personalities and ongoing storylines. It would be a treat to share their adventures with you.


This is the first time I’m entering an Art walk! 🙂 I’ve drawn since I was in elementary, and took classes in high school and college.  I mostly work with pencils, pens, acrylic paint, sometimes colored pencils, sharpie markers, etc. I enjoy photography and I also do costume work/cosplay and work with paint, foam, and my sewing machine. 

Some of these works are from when I was in college, some are from about 3-4 years ago, and some are more recent.  Canvases are expensive so I haven’t done many recent larger works.  I’m inspired by people, colors, lighting, still life, animals, quirky ideas that come forth, and anime. 

I identify as LGBTQ and please refer to my pronoun pin(s).  I’m 37 years young.  I also enjoy writing, reading, anime, video games, my cat, studying languages, music, and much more.  I’m always looking for new friends too.  Thank you so much for your time and support! 

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