February 2024

Kaitlyn Matlock

Hello! My name is Kaitlyn Matlock. I am an artist born and raised in the wonderful city of Victoria Texas. My art journey started from a very young age. As soon as I could pick up a pen, pencil, or brush, I started showing a deep interest in art. Starting off with graphite and colored pencils, in time, I ventured out to dabble in other mediums, such as acrylic, oil paint, pen, glass art and clay. While I am mostly self-taught, I have taken some classes, and have learned from some wonderful instructors throughout my career. Art has a unique way of telling stories and evoking emotion. Creating my paintings gives me the freedom to explore my talent and find new ways to be creative. One of my goals as an artist is to inspire those who view my art to see the world through a different lens and add value to the life of others.

Mizz V

My artistic focus revolves around the rich and vibrant Hispanic culture, incorporating elements such as sacred hearts and nicho boxes to create unique and meaningful art pieces.

Stasha Marie Studio

Hi I’m Stasha. I am a person of many titles and talents who loves to use art for self expression, self discovery and practicing virtues such as patience, acceptance and peace. The most common art you will see of mine is collage art on various canvases but mainly journals/notebooks. I call them Stashanerie-my brand in progress. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Andrea Clay

My name is Andrea, I have found myself to be like most artist a collector of the moment and beauty brought out through art.  Addicted to inspiration and coffee the only filter I sometimes have is through art.  Paintings with multi mixed medias are the key to releasing happiness and giving inspirational pieces to other to enjoy.  This will be my first experience sharing with the public in person; in hopes to one day become well known as so many more artist here locally.  With the confidence I hope to gain I can continue to create artwork for all to enjoy like I do.


My artist name is VRTGO. I came to my Artist due to having vertigo and being locked in my home. I started to doodle and reach out to some fellow artist who shared ideas and encouraged me to push forward in my artistry. I surprised myself and others the journey has been very mentally cathartic. It’s still a very vulnerable state of being and I enjoy sharing my work With others

Monito Loco

Hello my name is C. Elias Rodriguez. For over 13 years I have been a photographer and for the last three years have been developing and enriching my mixed media art skills. Some of my key accomplishments include numerous features in global fashion magazines, as well as three magazine covers for mixed media art. My most current work is being featured in the Laurent underpass mural project.

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