Amanda Nicole Chase

My love of art began in my freshman year of high school. I signed up to take an art class, where I got to experiment with different mediums. But drawing with graphite was the only medium that stuck with me throughout the years. Several years after high school, I picked up a set of Prismacolor pencils to expand my drawing practice. In 2020 I began experimenting with pyrography, a Greek-derived word that translates to “writing with fire.” Pyrography, or wood-burning, is the art of burning images onto wood with a hot metal tool. Because of my drawing foundation, I picked up pyrography in a very short amount of time, and it is now my primary medium. Nature is the subject of most of my art and a significant influence in my life. I grew up in the country with the great outdoors as my playground. I studied nature with the curiosity and zest of an explorer. As an adult, I still have that curiosity and love for nature.

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