This is the first time I’m entering an Art walk! 🙂 I’ve drawn since I was in elementary, and took classes in high school and college.  I mostly work with pencils, pens, acrylic paint, sometimes colored pencils, sharpie markers, etc. I enjoy photography and I also do costume work/cosplay and work with paint, foam, and my sewing machine. 

Some of these works are from when I was in college, some are from about 3-4 years ago, and some are more recent.  Canvases are expensive so I haven’t done many recent larger works.  I’m inspired by people, colors, lighting, still life, animals, quirky ideas that come forth, and anime. 

I identify as LGBTQ and please refer to my pronoun pin(s).  I’m 37 years young.  I also enjoy writing, reading, anime, video games, my cat, studying languages, music, and much more.  I’m always looking for new friends too.  Thank you so much for your time and support! 

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