claire santellana

JC Jewelry Co.

A year and a half ago, I got a pack of beads and made bracelets with them. I sold them in my class and two days later, my friend Caleigh AKA my partner showed up with bracelets and we decided to make a business. Eventually, sales improved so we have an online google business being worked on and currently we have a Youtube business and CashApp.

Rachel Hansen

I hand make all kinds of things from necklaces, bracelets, Keychains, wire rings and I love to do book art. You never know what you will see at my table.  See ya there!

Rachel Beck

Hi everyone! My name is Rachel! I love photography! From the time I was a little girl I was fascinated with cameras! I remember carrying a disposal camera with me almost everywhere! The thought of being able to capture a moment and printing it out then getting to relive that moment when you look back on the photograph amazed me and still does. I got my first real camera very young and played with pictures but did not start taking myself serious until we took a trip to Wyoming and fell back in love with photography all over again. I love taking pictures of wildlife and landscapes.  Everything I have done has been self taught. I began doing it as a hobby and am hoping to one day to become a professional. 

Kimberly Higdon

Hi, my name is Kimberly Higdon, and I create art. My art style tends to walk the line between realistic and surreal, and uses contrast and shading to make striking subjects pop. Although I tend to draw more often than not, I do dable in 3D art, such as sewing and wood carving, writing, and I would like to start leather crafts soon. I certainly jump around a lot with my art, but mostly I create what I feel.

Candy Hahn

Candy Hahn is a mosaic artist, based in Port Lavaca, Texas, who began creating mixed-media mosaic artwork in 2009.  Candy explains her work, “Mosaics and mixed-media mosaics are my niche.  I love taking things we see as broken, such as shards of glass and tile along with found or discarded items, and bringing them to life in beautiful new forms. We do the same thing in our lives, and mosaics are the perfect medium for us to visualize the beauty that can come from imperfection.”  Candy specializes in using photographs as models to translate images into custom mosaic projects.

Candy’s artwork was recently highlighted in a Mosaic Art blog titled, “Composition and Correcting the Model,” by Joe Moormon, artist.  

A blog containing photographs of Candy’s work can be found at, on FaceBook @ Smidgen & Shard, LLC, and her creations are available in her Etsy shop, SmidgenAndShard.

Candy’s pieces have been on display in exhibits at the Bee Cave Arts Foundation gallery, The Hive, Austin, Texas.  She was also a featured artist during the Art at the Bend exhibit, November of 2022.


FaceBook @ Smidgen & Shard, LLC

Instagram @ candysmidgenandshard

Ted Wise

As a third grader, I remember winning a Christmas coloring contest - the subject matter was a mimeographed printout of Santa Claus. 

At age 12, I watched a tv artist,Jon Gnagy, demonstrate how by using shading and casting shadows, you could make the four basic shapes: ball, cube, cone, and cylinder. By following his examples, I  could transform mere outline shapes into 3-D forms!  I was hooked! 

Through junior and senior high, I practiced with the Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw” set. Art classes were not available at the high school I attended, so the first formal instruction I received was a painting class taught by Larry Shook at Victoria College.

I received my associate’s degree from
Victoria College and went on to earn my BFA from Sam Houston State.

After graduation,  I worked for two years as an advertising artist with two firms in Houston: Baxter and Korge, and Gulf State Advertising. I soon learned that advertising art wasn’t for me, so I enrolled at Houston Baptist University to get my all level teaching certification in art. 

I taught for four years at Klein High School in Spring, Tx, where I met and married my wonderful wife, Andrea.  

We moved to Victoria in 1980 where I taught at St. Joseph High School, for 31 years.

Andrea and I are now both retired and spend our time relaxing at home, traveling,  and being with our kids and grandkids as often as possible.

I still transform simple shapes to create  beauty through art, “and (am) loving it.”

Cora’s Artistry Dreams

Cora N. S.
is a 22  year old,
Hispanic artist and Dewitt County native.
She describes her art style as
“Abstract Realism”, and her art motto is
“You are powerful. You are worthy. You are Priceless.” She aims to uplift her audience,
and hopes her work will remind them that no matter how negative life can be there is always beauty, there is always positivity, and there is alway light at the end of the day.
“After people have had a long, rough day,
I hope my art can be a sort of comfort or reminder to them that there’s still good in this world, and there’s still beauty thriving within our lives everyday.”

Cora started art classes at the age of 5 years old at Victoria Art League under her late instructor Ellie Porrier. Cora was 10 after the passing of Mrs. Porrier, and she became self taught up until the age of 18 where
she attended an art institute located in Giorgia, and graduated with her Professional Artist certificate.
She now sells professionally.
Her art works have shown and sold in Milan Italy, The Canary Islands, and Barcelona, Spain.
She hopes to one day open her own personal gallery, and to also continue selling her paintings both locally and internationally.
Her main goal is to touch peoples hearts with her art, and hopes one day everyone will have one of her paintings hanging in their homes.
“God blessed me with this talent, and I want to glorify my savior Jesus, by being a blessing to others and hope my paintings will touch people’s lives in some way.”

If you are interested in her work and would like to see more, you can see and contact her
On Instagram: @CorasArtistryDreams
Or Facebook: @CorasArtistryDreams
Her website is still in the making.

Michael Delgado

My name is Michael Delgado and I’m a 30 year old artist born and raised in Maryland, living in Houston. My passion for drawing started when I was a kid and spent some mornings in the living room drawing with my dad. We were usually drawing things like comic book heroes or stick figures climbing out of mountain-sized Hershey’s kisses. This pastime later turned into an important way to cope with life experiences that triggered intense emotions and became less of a hobby.

I work with graphite and charcoal. Even though I have tried to use other mediums, such as paint, I am most confident with a pencil in-hand.

I hope you find something in my work that resonates with you.

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