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Daniela Castaneda-delgado


Hello! My name is Daniela Castañeda-Delgado (D. CastaDel). I’ve always loved to learn about art, whether it’s art history or art techniques. Currently, the mediums I focus on are ink, pencil, and gouache. However, I’m still learning and exploring different art mediums.

Nathan Rodriguez

Nathan Rodriguez is a local artist who’s native to Victoria and has been given the opportunity to grow with Victoria’s art community.

Nathan has been an artist trying to grow with his art since he can remember from a young age, but started his career as early as 16.

He has been given many opportunities over the last few years for mentorship, growth, inspiration and hands-on experience with the art community here;including projects with Free Art Victoria, displaying work at the Nave Museum, and donating pieces to organizations such as Tickled Pink and the Victoria Zoo. Nathan is only planning to do more to help shape and bring more to the table for not only himself but for others as well.

Traditional and digital works with a specialization in the ink medium, he aims to have a diverse range in styles, themes and mediums. For him, it’s important to have an interest and explore all avenues of art, including the techniques, people, culture, history and the pieces themselves.

Nathan plans to pursue and finish his masters in fine arts and art history and is looking into starting his bigger business idea for his art with a potential shop. 

Jaxon Barnette

Jaxon Daniel Barnette is 7 years old and is a 2nd grader attending Nazareth Academy. He was born in San Antonio, and now resides in Victoria. He began drawing 2 years ago during the beginning of Covid. He loves to draw Godzilla and King Kong figures. He has a huge collection of both which have been his inspiration. Jaxon prefers to use black ink pens to illustrate his scenes of Godzilla vs King Kong. He believes the use of color will not be as realistic. Jaxon draws current era Godzilla figures as well as the classics. He can give descriptions and draw all the characters from the films and other media sources which are detailed in his sketches.

Bowen Winters

Bowen is 9 years old and enjoys creating. He has incorporated his love for art and music into creating art for custom guitar pics, record art and bowls and art made from tapes. 

avery byrd

My name is Avery Byrd and I am 9 years old. I am homeschooled at the Unschool of Rock. Last year my family went to the Art Walk and I thought it was really cool to see all of the art and artists. I especially like to use acrylic paints, markers and glitter. My favorite things to paint are mushrooms, realistic eyes, retro TVs, and flowers. I also like splatter paintings, paint pouring, and modeling mushrooms with clay. I am so excited to show my paintings in the Art Walk for the third time. Now I am painting Pride Flags on to magnetic canvases to celebrate Pride Month. 

Evee Fowler

I’ve been painting since I was one year old. It’s been a few years now and I still love it. My favorite is abstract. I can play with colors that way and use different tools to paint and express myself. I enjoy using texture too. Art is beautiful and fun!

Brianna hernandez

Hi my name is Brianna Hernandez. I am going to be in the 6th grade. I’ve been doing art since kindergarten. I love to draw and be creative.  

Victoria Juarez

Hello, my name is Victoria, currently living in Victoria, Tx. I’m light on my feet and swift with my words; and losing, well, it’s not in my vocabulary. Now, on to my passion and experience with art. Ever since I was a little girl, art has always been a passion. Like a lot of things in life, I was prepared to leave it as a passion, up until about 2015, when digital art and graphic design sparked my interests.
 It all started in my mothers small boutique in small town Texas, when she asked me to work on vector images for some T-shirts to sell at an art show. Early morning turned to evening I learned whatever i could to manipulate and hand draw photos for different designs. I worked with line art and color schemes/palettes and grew a love for different graphics. Then through now, my passion grew to a level younger me would’ve never imagined. I began doing digital art during all of my free time. The end all be all hope is to make my own web comic series one day, and make my passion a career.

Quilt Guild of greater victoria

Quilt Guild of Greater Victoria was formed in 1983  to promote the art of quilting. There are around 75 members and they meet the fourth Thursday of the month at 9:30 a.m. at the Art League Building on S. Bridge. After a social time they have programs on different aspects of quilting given by visiting artists and members of the guild. They have an annual quilt show with over 85 quilts on display and over 20 vendors. This year the show will be September 23 and 24 at Holy Family Catholic Church. The Donation Quilt will be featured at the Art Walk that was made by Pat Johnson, Kathy Sheeran and Marcia Neely and Quilted by Lisa Stacy and Kathy Sheeran. Tickets will be on sale for $1.00 each . The public is invited to all meetings.

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