I’m Jaime Vargas known as J.Rich in the art world. I’ve been drawing most of my life and started painting six years ago. I’m self taught and sharpening my skills every day. The styles, I’m currently working in are pop art, concept art and modern art. The media’s I use are acrylic paint and spray paint. Living life outside the box. Create or die!

Kimberly Rickman

My name is Kimberly Rickman I’m better known as Ziggy the Clown. I love creating art that moves people. My art includes face painting, balloon sculptures, spray paint art, rock art and acrylic.


Hey! My name is Savannah Carr. I love all things creative, and am always in search of a new skill. One day I hope to dive into Stained glass, but for now, I’m sticking to a few of my favorites. I love painting, sculpting things with clay, crochet, wood burning, and making music. To me, Art is life. I am constantly creating something, even if its just a simple slug, or a short poem. One day I hope to own my own small business, but for now, I’m happy to just be where I am. Come see what I have to offer!


Dr. Boom

Born and raised in South Texas, I discovered the need to express myself through while living in the RGV in 1999. Being surrounded by great graffiti artist I began to work and develop my own style and soon took my art from the streets and trains to canvases and wood panels.
In 2006 I opened Studio 7th Level in downtown Harlingen Tx, sort of an underground art studio and music venue for like minded artist to showcase their art and talent. In 2007 I was invited by the Arts and Heritage Museum in Harlingen Tx to exhibit my art for a show called “ Stepping out of the train yard”.
I have recently found a studio home in downtown Victoria Tx. Dr. Boom Studio will be located at Things That Match Boutique  where I will continue my passion for art and creativity.

Julia Patton

Hello, my name is Julia Patton. Owner of Mystic Pots Studio.

In April of 2021, I decided to dabble with clay for the first time. At first, my main focus was pottery. I made a good collection and started doing my first local craft markets. Eventually, my creativity evolved and in addition to unique pottery, I began creating curious little creatures inspired by nature.

During markets and on social media, I’ve received both positive and negative feedback regarding the peculiar nature of my creations. But the overflow in positives has surely outshone  the negatives and I will continue to create these odd little critters for the remainder of my years.

Visit my website, See how its made videos & more using the link below! Thank you!


Kamryn Miller

My name is Kamryn Miller. I am a 16 year old Junior at Victoria East High School. I’ve always loved art, but became passionate about it in 6th grade art class.  Since then I’ve created several original characters, comic strips, paintings, ceramics and I’m currently working on several projects involving clothing design.  Mediums I’ve used include water color, acrylic, colored pencils and charcoal.  My main mediums are digital art and oil paints.  Follow me on Instagram @ ghostghorl_

Aaron Cisneros

What’s up everyone? I’m Aaron Cisneros. Happy to be joining the Art Walk for the second time. I enjoy drawing and painting from cartoons to realistic portraits. I work with colored pencils, paint, crayons, and even ketchup! Looking forward to seeing you there, Victoria. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @toonaddict_art.

Amanda Nicole Chase

My love of art began in my freshman year of high school. I signed up to take an art class, where I got to experiment with different mediums. But drawing with graphite was the only medium that stuck with me throughout the years. Several years after high school, I picked up a set of Prismacolor pencils to expand my drawing practice. In 2020 I began experimenting with pyrography, a Greek-derived word that translates to “writing with fire.” Pyrography, or wood-burning, is the art of burning images onto wood with a hot metal tool or torches. Because of my drawing foundation, I picked up pyrography in a very short amount of time, and it is now my primary medium. Nature is the subject of most of my art and a significant influence in my life. I grew up in the country with the great outdoors as my playground. I studied nature with the curiosity and zest of an explorer. As an adult, I still have that curiosity and love for nature.

Glass Mermaid Makings

When I was stuck inside during the pandemic, I found the inspiration to finally start selling my photography. Since then, I have expanded my photography into canvases, prints and other products. I also started playing with sea glass, shells, bones and feathers. I enjoy creating with anything you can pick up on the beach. At my booth you can find one-of-a-kind sea glass jewelry made from authentic sea glass found in Rockport and Corpus Christi, Christmas ornaments made from sea shells and sea glass, canvases and prints of my photography (taken locally), my special “Gypsy Glasses” and more!

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