Carley Tisdale

Having lived in Greece is where I draw most of my inspiration when painting.  I originally started painting canvas pieces to fill spaces in my home.  I enjoy experimenting with colors and textures, finding the right balance to create the perfect custom piece.  I am naturally attracted to abstract pieces that are interesting yet elegant.  Many have said I should share my work, so here I am.

Aiden Padilla

Aiden Michael Padilla is 20 years old from Victoria. He is a graduate of West High School 2021. He discovered art and a young age. Creating art and drawing has been a way for him to express his feelings.
His goal is to travel abroad and draw, create, explore what he has seen from his journey.

His artistic side began showing when he began creating lego creations from is own imagination within hours. His love art has grown as he gotten older. He studied art in high school. Watching movies, instead discussing what he liked about the movies, he would study each character and draw out scenes or making models from the movies.

Jaxon Barnette

Jaxon Daniel Barnette is 8 years old and is a 2nd grader attending Nazareth Academy. He was born in San Antonio, and now resides in Victoria. He began to sketch images of his favorite character Godzilla 3 years ago. He loves to draw Godzilla and King Kong figures. He has a huge collection of both which have been his inspiration. Jaxon prefers to use black ink pens to illustrate his fight scenes of Godzilla vs King Kong. Jaxon draws current era Godzilla figures as well as the classics. He can give descriptions and draw all the characters from the films and other media sources which are detailed in his sketches.

Evie Valenzuela

I love pottery and clay, carving and engobe. Ceramics class is definitely my go to place to rid myself of everyday life stresses. I have made great friends through the VC CE ceramics class.

I love functional pottery. I love using my pieces I’ve made and I really love gifting pieces to others.

Dora Trejo Ramirez

Hello, my name is Dora Trejo-Ramirez and I am currently in 8th grade! I mostly draw video game characters. I like to use alcohol markers, paint, and colored pencils in my art. I am really excited to be in an Art Walk!

Terminally Hip

My name is Sarrah Beaver and I’m the owner of a small business called Terminally Hip. The name Terminally Hip comes from a phrase in Narcotics Anonymous, referring to the egotistical state of an addict’s mind, and a reminder to me that I’m way more hip as I am today than I was in active addiction. I am a mother of 4 who is on a journey of discovering her power, love for herself and what it means to care for and really see the unseen people in the community. I loves to read, sing in the car and watch my children grow into themselves with minds and eyes wide open.

Kamryn Miller

My name is Kamryn Miller. I am a 17 year old Junior at Victoria East High School. I’ve always loved art but I became passionate about it in 6th grade art class with the support of my amazing art teacher.  Since then, I’ve created several original characters, comic strips, paintings and I’m currently working on several projects involving clothing design. I love these art shows because of the opportunity I have to get my work out and to see all the other amazing artists we have in our community! Mediums I’ve used include water color, acrylic paints, colored pencils and charcoal. My mediums of choice are digital art and oil paints.

Ismael Lopez

Hello. I am Ismael Lopez. My artwork is based on surrealism and abstract idealogies. My most recent work is Abstract. I managed to create a few pieces using various media. I moved to Victoria withy wife to start anew. I am excited to share my work with my fellow artists and creators.

Carole Myers

Carole began her journey as an artist in Oklahoma over 70 years ago. She became known for her unique style and experimental watercolor techniques. Her style is abstract, using watercolor, mixed-media collage and acrylic on paper as well as acrylic and collage on canvas. Southwestern landscapes and Mexico were major sources of inspiration for her work and she travelled extensively, sketchbook or camera always close at hand.
Carole Myers, a signature member of the American Watercolor Society and the National Watercolor Society was also active in the San Antonio Watercolor Group and Texas Watercolor Society. Her work is included in The Best of Watercolor, Creative Watercolor, Step by Step, The Creative Artist, Abstracts in Watercolor, Texas Watercolor Society: Fifty Years of Excellence, Watercolor Magic, and several others. She served a juror and critic for exhibitions and taught numerous art workshops in Rockport, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Kerrville and throughout the U.S. as well as in Mexico and Europe.
In 2021 the Nave Museum featured Carole’s work in “Journey”, a retrospective exhibit.
Carole Myers (1934-2017) is represented by her daughter, Lisa Haynes.

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