One Sound One Heart Music Therapy Services, LLC

Molly Beahm and Betsy Stovall are board-certified music therapists working to provide music therapy services in the Crossroads area. We provide individual and group music therapy, as well as community group events and individual music lessons for piano, guitar, ukulele, saxophone, and clarinet.

Abigail Nickel

My name is Abigail Nickel. I am a resident of Victoria, Tx and I am 15 years old. I discovered my love for drawing and creating about 2 years ago. My father was an artist and graphic designer here in Victoria.  He passed away when I was only 5 years old and my biggest regret is that he never got to see how his artistic talents were passed on to me. I hope to make him proud in my creative journey and by carrying on his name with my small business – The Branded Nickel.

I love drawing and painting but have used these skills to start a small business offering custom branded hats. I love adding personal touches to each hat to make it something my customers will enjoy for years to come.  You can see my work on Instagram and Tik Tok @thebrandednickel

Jeremy Miles

I am primarily a painter working with acrylic paint and stretched canvas. I am new to Texas and Victoria, and I enjoy the town and it’s people. I’m 48 years old and discovered my artistic gift about 11 years ago. I began with graphite and paper as a strictly technical image replicator. I grew to appreciate the creative process and now enjoy creating art.

Felicia Garza

my name is Felicia garza, I’ve never really considered myself an artist but I’ve always been very crafty and creative! I’m not the best person at drawing but I recently got into painting and I’ve enjoyed it a lot! I like putting my own touch on things from old to something I create myself. I don’t necessarily have a style of my own down just yet I pretty much just go with the vibe I feel at the time and see where it takes me!

Mom Magic Candles

Jill Blucher is not a regular mom – she’s a witchy mom! Mom Magic candles are hand made with lots of love (also known as LOL) to help you live your best life.

Stephanie Carbajal Gobar

Stephanie was born and raised in Victoria. A wife and mother to five children. This fiber artist has picked up to the craft and art with an enthusiastic passion. Creating pieces to adorn your walls, chic up your babies nursery, and accessories to wear. She treats each piece she creates with the same love and thought she gives her family. She commissions personalized requests in a wide variety of styles and colors to suit whatever look her client desires. Delivering hand-crafted quality at affordable prices is her hearts desire. You can find out more by visiting her Facebook page GoBoHobystephanie.

Robert Pedersen

I’m an artist with a camera… a high end photographer specializing in body movement in form. I employ a lighting style that many find unique and intriguing.

While I’ve been using a camera for decades, my foray into photography the human form began just a few years ago. This journey has led me into a deep appreciation of the body – my own as well as those who model for me.

The human body is really the original art. God’s art one might say.

To celebrate and capture that form in exquisite beauty is my passion.

K. Nguyen

K. Nguyen is an artist that, although versed in other media, finds her home in words. Her works are inspired by the extraordinary in the mundane, the voices in the quietness of the mind, and the many aspects of the world. Through poetry and prose, K. Nguyen paints images that are ever changing with each reader.

When she is not writing and creating for an upcoming collection, K. Nguyen spends her time gardening, homemaking, reading, and keeping up with her blogs. She resides with her husband and various pets in South Texas.

Eddie Garcia

Eddie Garcia, been an artist my whole life, mainly pencils and prisma color, pushing my limits and attention to detail is my passion. Have always enjoyed making art, still finding my direction on making it a career

Johnny Vera

Johnny Vera enjoys various forms of art on his spare time such as performing in the theatre, comic book drawing and digital coloring, and photography.  In his Smoke Art Photography, Johnny takes photos of smoke trails from the tips of an incense stick then he goes into Photoshop where he flips them, rotates them, mirrors them, and tries to see what patterns, forms, or shapes that they are taking.  Finally, he adds a splash of color to them for his final product.

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