Johnny Vera

Johnny Vera enjoys various forms of art on his spare time such as performing in the theatre, comic book drawing and digital coloring, and photography.  In his Smoke Art Photography, Johnny takes photos of smoke trails from the tips of an incense stick then he goes into Photoshop where he flips them, rotates them, mirrors them, and tries to see what patterns, forms, or shapes that they are taking.  Finally, he adds a splash of color to them for his final product.

Candy Hahn

Candy Hahn is a mosaic artist, based in Port Lavaca, Texas, who began creating mixed-media mosaic artwork in 2009. Candy explains her work, “Mosaics and mixed-media mosaics are my niche. I love taking things we see as broken, such as shards of glass and tile along with found or discarded items, and bringing them to life in beautiful new forms. We do the same thing in our lives, and mosaics are the perfect medium for us to visualize the beauty that can come from imperfection.” Candy specializes in using photographs as a model to translate images into custom mosaic projects.

Candy’s artwork was recently highlighted in a Mosaic Art blog titled, “Composition and Correcting the Model,” by Joe Moormon, artist.
Three of Candy’s pieces are currently on display at The Hive By Bee Cave Arts Foundation in Austin, Tx.

Composition and Correcting the Model

A blog containing photographs of Candy’s work can be found at, and her creations are available in her Etsy shop, SmidgenAndShard.

Ashley Fenix

I am a geologist, who enjoys art as a hobby. I will create in whatever medium interests me, and my creation goal is to have fun.

Christopher Gamblin

Hello everyone my name is Christopher Gamblin I am 44 years old and I’m an artist my artwork is all original and unique. I believe art is perfect chaos. Art is an escape into one’s own mind. Creating new artwork is therapeutic for me. I use a variety of medium from markers to gel pens to just a regular #2 pencil. I find inspiration comes from almost anywhere and could be anything. I appreciate all the support and enthusiasm. Thanks so much.

Angela Weaver

Angela Weaver
Ceramic Artist and Crafter
I believe it is important for everyone to explore and embrace their create spirit. Coming from
an engineering background, I struggled for many years to find an artistic outlet. While in
school, I wrote poetry, took some watercolor classes and played piano, trombone and French
horn. Most of my artistic endeavors took a hiatus while I raised a family. About 10 years ago,
my love of music was rekindled at the Old Settlers Music Festival. A pottery class at Victoria
College 8 years ago kick started my desire to explore 3D art. Currently I am immersed in
creative endeavors! My husband and I host Weaver House Concerts and I am on the Victoria
Fine Arts Association Board. I have created my own home pottery studio and have my own
wheel and kiln! I am making pottery, jewelry and wooden art and have participated in the
Victoria Downtown Art Walk and several artisan markets. My goals are to continue to improve
the quality of what I create and to contribute to the creative vibe in Victoria. I have met some
amazing friends on this journey and want to build community and encourage others.

The Salty Selkie Designs

The Salty Selkie Designs is a family affair! Toni Ross & her daughter, Laurel Hohmann, work together to create custom dolls, intricate collages, and more.

Evie Valenzuela


My name is Evie Valenzuela. I have four children, one grandson and have been married to my greatest supporter, Michael Valenzuela, for 31 years. I have worked as a medical lab technician in Victoria for the last 29 years.

Though I have always loved art, I have never considered myself an artist. Ceramics classes since 1999, first with Bill Bauer and now with Gerry Bernhard, have fueled my current art passion with clay. I mainly throw on the wheel and love the carving techniques I have learned at Victoria College’s CE ceramics class, specifically using engobe and  mishima.

Kathy Warren

My paintings are what I see where I live, chronicles of my life you could say. I began painting many years ago, mostly oils, some watercolors, studying with Herma Turpin.
Then after a long hiatus to deal with life, I started to paint again, this time with acrylics. Nothing was safe during the re-start. I painted my husband, my grandkids, my dogs, my horses but finally concluded, I preferred Mother Earth’s offerings the most…with a few mermaids thrown in for good measure. Recently, I am enjoying doing “petite peintures”.
I enjoy the interaction of a show and look forward to visiting with you during the Downtown Art Walk.

Janice M Carriger

My love for nature and the outdoors is a natural fit for my love of photography.  Photography has been an interest since I was young and has now become my passion and creative outlet.  I love all aspects of photography from wildlife to landscapes.

I am a member of the Victoria Photography Club and Victoria Art League.

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram.

Please contact me at 361-779-7376 or at for purchase options.


Gail Dentler

I’m an artist based in South Central Texas.  I am documenting in art, natural food sources consumed by hummingbirds as they migrate through Texas.  These plants are found in our gardens, landscapes and are naturally drought tolerant.  I am creating these botanical illustrations as a way of conservation for this big beautiful planet upon which we live.   I have botanical prints for other cottage garden splendors.

  I have received a BBA from Sam Houston State Univ. and an MAE from Texas Tech Univ.  My work has been shown in juried competitions such as Handweaver’s Guild of America Assoc., “Small Expressions”, Bernina’s “Quilt for a Queen”, in the UK, and “A World of Beauty”, International Quilt Association’s International Quilt Festival.  Currently my work is in two private collections: Bernina’s U.K., “Quilt for a Queen” and “Love Ewe”(photography) with Texas Tech University’s private collection, exhibiting at the Hill Country campus.  I have been juried by Cara Manes, an assistant curator of the Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York for the Houston exhibit:  Assistance League of Houston “Celebrates Texas Art 2020.”.
Contact me at

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