Aaron Cisneros

Hello everyone, my name is Aaron Cisneros. Born and raised in Victoria, Texas. I knew art was going to be a passion of mine ever since I was a little boy. My family, friends, and mentors have been very supportive of my dream of becoming a great artist. I enjoy drawing cartoons, portraits, animals, landscapes, and many other things. For the most part, I like to challenge myself using other mediums such as chalk, gouache paint, watercolors, etc. Interested in turning a fond memory into a piece of art? Look me up on Instagram: @toonaddict_art. Come out and support your local artists, Victoria. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Rosie the Rioter

Rosie the Rioter is a company that aims to fill the gap in mainstream history by sharing stories of badass women that have often been overlooked. Our wearable and giftable products feature the work of female artists depicting female heroes. Rosie aims to start conversations, promote, intersectional feminism, fight misogyny, racism, homophobia, and all forms of discrimination that harm our world. We know that’s a tall order for a T-shirt, but we believe you’re just the wearer to make it happen. Come join the riot!

Kira Wozniak

Hi! I’m Kira, a passionate young artist currently navigating the colorful world of 3rd grade. 📚 But when I’m not busy with my schoolwork, you’ll find me with a paintbrush in hand, ready to bring my love for animals, especially dogs, to life on canvas.

Art is my happy place. When I’m drawing, I feel like I can capture moments, feelings, and stories with my pencils and brushes. It’s a magical experience that fills my heart with joy.

I can’t wait to share more of my art with you as I continue to grow and explore the endless possibilities of creativity! 🌟🖌️🐶

Samantha Starnes

Hello, my name is Samantha Starnes and am soon turning 12 yrs old (Sept. 5). My love for drawing started in a high chair and in my mother’s craft room.

Krysta Lyssy

Krysta Lyssy primarily focuses on painting, but works in a variety of mediums.  She has shown her work in solo and group shows as well as at festivals and public spaces.  She is currently selling original paintings as well as prints of her more detailed series of works.  In addition to art, another passion of hers is teaching.  She has taught in the public school system for over a dozen years and currently teaches art at Howell Middle School.

Clinton Edwards

Grew up in Victoria. My painting career didn’t bloom until 2011 when I lived in Houston. I am now living in Victoria.

Michael Sanchez

Art provides a way of brightening and improving the world around you. Due to this I feel as if it is my duty to brighten the world around me with my God given artistic talent. Cartoons and caricatures are my main way of getting out there, but I am also a mural painter and adept with many other forms of artistic media. My name is Michael Sanchez and I hope you’re willing to come see how me and my fellow artists are brightening up our community at our own local Art Walk! God bless you all <3

Zachary Lopez

Hello everyone, Zachary Lopez here. I’ve had a unique journey with art that started when I was very young. This journey took me to Indianapolis, Indiana, where I studied studio fine art and got a degree at Herron school of Art and Design. I have been practicing artist for many years.

I primarily use acrylic paint with mix media, creating a textured painterly stroke of expressionistic figures where each individual brushstroke and color is just as important as the overall composition itself.


Hi, I’m Stasha…I am showing my one of a kind collage designs (journals & canvas). I found the inspiration from vision boards and added my own spice to create visual arts inspired by various themes and aesthetics. I take any blank canvas and magazine clippings and aim to blend the different visuals turning them into one. I love creating this type of art work because it teaches me to think outside of the box and the lack of boundaries challenges my creative freedom. Anything can be art!

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