Artist in the Art Walk

Art of Kirby Edwards

Hi, I’m Kirby Edwards. I’ve been drawing ever since I was a little kid. I started drawing horses and cats and kept drawing until they actually started looking like horses and cats. As I got older I branched out into new subject matter but animal have always been my favorite with their vibrant colors and textures.
I’ve been inspired by many different artists but the number one artist that I look up to is Greg Craola Simkins. He is a very talented surrealist artist who’s main subject matter is animals. He has really inspired me to add whimsy and surrealism to my artworks. And my new focus is surrealism. I love creating something that looks like the snapshot of a dream.
I’m looking forward to the art walk to talk about my art and meet aspiring artists!

Krysta Lyssy

Color is the awakening force in my artwork.  It evokes feeling and brings an intensity to the visual experience that is life. As soon as I let go of the notions of what I “should” be painting or what things “should” look like, something amazing happens.  Subject matter becomes of less consequence and instead I can begin to capture a feeling or idea.  That is what I’m trying to harness in my latest group of paintings.  I primarily focus on painting, but work in many other mediums as well.  I am currently selling original paintings as well as prints of my more detailed series of works.  In addition to creating art, teaching art is also a passion of mine.

Victoria Athena Martinez

My name is Victoria Athena Martinez. Everyone calls me Tori. I was born here in Victoria, TX. I’m 10 years old!
My first experiences as an artist were since I could hold my mom’s pens as I sat on her lap when she drew. She influences and motivates me to express myself. I believe it’s in my genes to be an artist. I am self learning through trial and error and with my parents’ support. I am still little after all.
I work primarily with ink and acrylic paint. I enjoy witchy, animals (especially cats!), and my own quirky doodles.

Kathy Warren

My paintings are what I see where I live. Being that where we live is surrounded by water, there are endless creative possibilities at hand and great sources for inspiration. My work consists of lots of fishing piers, sea birds searching for lunch, old boats, and happy blue skies. Believing we all must have magic and fantasy in our lives, there will invariably be a mermaid in my collection. I want my paintings to have a calming quality to counterbalance thia crazy world today. My medium is acrylic on canvas. Looking forward to meeting you at the Art Walk.

Country Q’s

We are a small goat farm located in Lane City Texas. We use our goats milk to make colorful soaps and lotions. We also craft soy wax candles and fragrant air fresheners.

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