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Ember Pedersen

My name is Ember Pedersen, and I am a fifteen year old artist. I do primarily digital works, but also use markers, pencil, pens, and occasionally paint to make traditional art.


Sorry to disappoint you… I’m not actually a rabbit. My love for art began at the age of eight, when I was simply inspired to be better at it than my grade school bully…
That bit of pettiness aside, I discovered that creating art gave me a sense of tranquility.

I am experienced in a variety of mediums, but within my pursuit of a graphics design degree, I found my true passion lies in digital art.

Inspired by the macabre, the disturbing, and the cute, the majority of my stylized creations revolve around my own original characters, who have evolving personalities and ongoing storylines. It would be a treat to share their adventures with you.

Kenzie Brett

Hello! My name is Kenzie! I LOVE to draw eyes. That may sound kind of… creepy. Oh well! It’s what I like to draw! In my freetime I mostly draw, I’ve been drawing since… 4th Grade! (Wow… that was… a while ago huh?) I’m currently 13 years old, the UNLUCKY number-and as far as 2022-23, I go to Cade Middle School and I’m in 8th Grade. (In 2023-24, I will be at West High School for 9th Grade.)

My favorite thing to draw is either cartoon characters or my OCs. (Original Characters.) I’ve already told you about how I like to draw eyes. My favorite cartoon characters are probably some of the Cuphead characters, (Video Game Cuphead) and I like to draw the Five Nights At Freddy’s characters. And the occasional Disney character. I actually… don’t have that many OCs, but I do have a main one. (She has FOUR arms, and ONE eye!)

Long story short, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE to draw, it’s something I can’t live without. I also like to do drawing suggestions from my friends. Drawing is amazing, and I’m so happy I get to do the Victoria Art Walk! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s art, as well as getting to show my own! So EXCITED!



This is the first time I’m entering an Art walk! 🙂 I’ve drawn since I was in elementary, and took classes in high school and college.  I mostly work with pencils, pens, acrylic paint, sometimes colored pencils, sharpie markers, etc. I enjoy photography and I also do costume work/cosplay and work with paint, foam, and my sewing machine. 

Some of these works are from when I was in college, some are from about 3-4 years ago, and some are more recent.  Canvases are expensive so I haven’t done many recent larger works.  I’m inspired by people, colors, lighting, still life, animals, quirky ideas that come forth, and anime. 

I identify as LGBTQ and please refer to my pronoun pin(s).  I’m 37 years young.  I also enjoy writing, reading, anime, video games, my cat, studying languages, music, and much more.  I’m always looking for new friends too.  Thank you so much for your time and support! 

Jim Payne

Hello. My name is Jim Payne. I am a retired classroom teacher.  After 40 years of teaching in junior high and high school, I turned my attention to photography, a hobby that began when I was in high school.  It was there a family friend let me use his 4×5 view camera and his darkroom.  Then, as an education/journalism student at North Texas State University, I worked as a photographer/photo lab assistant for the university’s newspaper and yearbook.  I also worked for the Denton Record -Chronicle, the local newspaper, as a reporter/photographer.  I sold my first picture to the Associated Press while I was in Denton.  I was hooked.  I loved photography.

 However, instead of becoming a photo-journalist, I became a teacher. I taught journalism/photography, English, Industrial Technology classes, one of which was Computer Applications.

 After retiring, I began to pursue photography again, this time as a wannabe nature photographer. I took nature photography classes and workshops from some well-known nature photographers – Joe McDonald, Bryan Peterson, Larry Ditto, and Ruth Hoyt.  In addition, I read books authored by Arthur Morris, Steve Perry, Art Wolfe, John Shaw, Alan Murphy, John and Barbara Gerlach, and others.  I became active in the Victoria Photography Club where I continued to learn from some really good amateur photographers – Jim Feig, Mark Oberle, Ted Goris, Mary Gail Moody, Richard Korczynski, just to name a few.  Along my photography journey, I expanded my study to include portrait, landscape, and flower photography.

Even though I retired from teaching in the public schools, I have continued to teach. I taught photography to junior high students at Trinity Episcopal School. I now teach photography to adults at the Victoria Art League.

Amanda Nicole Chase

My love of art began in my freshman year of high school. I signed up to take an art class, where I got to experiment with different mediums. But drawing with graphite was the only medium that stuck with me throughout the years. Several years after high school, I picked up a set of Prismacolor pencils to expand my drawing practice. In 2020 I began experimenting with pyrography, a Greek-derived word that translates to “writing with fire.” Pyrography, or wood-burning, is the art of burning images onto wood with a hot metal tool. Because of my drawing foundation, I picked up pyrography in a very short amount of time, and it is now my primary medium. Nature is the subject of most of my art and a significant influence in my life. I grew up in the country with the great outdoors as my playground. I studied nature with the curiosity and zest of an explorer. As an adult, I still have that curiosity and love for nature.

Myla Trenck

Hi, my name is Myla Trenck and I’m a 7th grade student at Cade Middle School. I have been creating original art for over 7 years. My favorite type of artwork to create is pencil shading drawings and acrylic paintings.

Ways of Reasoning Art

A she/her gremlin currently living in Victoria, Tx. I’m light on my feet and swift with my words; and losing, well, it’s not in my vocabulary. Now, on to my passion and experience with art. Ever since I was a little girl, art has always been a passion. Like a lot of things in life, I was prepared to leave it as a passion, up until about 2015, when digital art and graphic design sparked my interests. It all started in my mothers small boutique in small town Texas, when she asked me to work on vector images for some T-shirts to sell at an art show. Early morning turned to evening I learned whatever i could to manipulate and hand draw photos for different designs. I worked with line art and color schemes/palettes and grew a love for different graphics. Then through now, my passion grew to a level younger me would’ve never imagined. I began doing digital art during all of my free time. The end all be all hope is to make my own web comic series one day, and make my passion a career.

Leah Zuniga

Hello! My name is Leah Zuniga, this is my second art walk and they are so much fun! I’ve gotten better at experimenting with painting and drawing. I like to draw simple but fun things, I also like books and stuffed animals.

Tabbitha Buesing

Tabbitha Buesing, is and has always been unapologetically childish. Born and raised in south Texas, life always needed a little more imagination to her. Now a mom and wife striving to see the fun in every day. Inspired by outrageous cartoons and niche cultures, she blends the two to make the every day things pop and feel alive and just a little childish, in a good way!
Starting from journal doodles as a daydreaming kid, her work grew into multiple formats including digital work and physical goods. She has worked with many people such a local business owners to create eye catching logos and content creators from around the world to reflect their big personalities. All while maintaining a whimsical and silly style that recalls memories of Saturday mornings in front of the TV and late nights enjoying video games!


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