Clinton Edwards

Hello, my name is Clinton Edwards, I was born and raised in Victoria.  My journey into art started when I drew pictures on my book covers in elementary school.  My first painting was in art class my junior year at St. Joeseph High School.  I would go on to take another art class my senior year which would be the extent of my art training. I received my bachelors and masters in geography at TCU and Texas State University.   I painted periodically for 17 years, getting more serious in 2021.  I havemany different styles and techniques, all self-taught.  With more experience, people would tell me that I was getting better which motivated me to keep painting.  Living in Houston in 2021 with a full-time job I painted part time.  I moved back to Victoria about a year ago and now I am a full-time artist, which I love.

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