Cora’s Artistry Dreams

Cora Nichole is a 21 year old,

Hispanic artist and Dewitt County native.

She describes her art style as

“Abstract Realism”, and her art motto is

“You are powerful. You are worthy. You are Priceless.” She aims to uplift her audience,

and hopes her work will remind them that no matter how negative life can be there is always

beauty, there is always positivity, and there is always light at the end of the day.

“After people have had a long, rough day,

I hope my art can be a sort of comfort or reminder to them that there’s still good in this world, and there’s still beauty thriving within our lives everyday.”

Cora started art classes at the age of 5 years old at Victoria Art League under her late instructor Ellie Porrier. Cora was 10 after the passing of Mrs. Porrier, and she became self taught up until the age of 18 where

she attended an art institute located in Giorgia, and graduated with her Professional Artist certificate.

She now sells professionally.

Her art works have been shown in Italy,

The Canary Islands, and in Barcelona, Spain.

She hopes to one day open her own personal gallery, and to also continue selling her paintings both locally and internationally.

Her main goal is to touch peoples hearts with her art, and hopes one day everyone will have one of her paintings hanging in their homes.

“God blessed me with this talent, and I want to glorify my savior Jesus, by being a blessing to others and hope my paintings will touch people’s lives in some way.”

If you are interested in her work and would like to see more, you can see and contact her

On Instagram: @CorasArtistryDreams

Or Facebook: @CorasArtistryDreams

Her website is still in the making.

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