Corina Gomez

My name is Corina Gomez, I’m a self taught Artist from Victoria, TX. My passion for art started when I was very young, probably around the age of 5. I’ve always loved to color, draw and paint. Throughout the years I’ve worked and experimented with several mediums to push myself and test my limits to see what I can create and what new skills I can master. I’ve worked with graphite, ink, pastels, charcoal, color pencil, watercolor and acrylic. I enjoy creating mixed media artwork, my more detailed work is done with color pencil and for the past few years I’ve worked more with trying to perfect my acrylic and watercolor skills. I’m open to any available opportunities to paint on a bigger scale than just canvas, I have never painted a mural, so given the opportunity to create one would be life changing for me.

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