Don Hanselman-DH Designs, Acrylic Medium,

One in sixth grade classroom at Juan Lynn Elementary.  During the afternoon break I would always draw things.  One day I looked out the window and draw this big tree and did all the shadings an it came out like a real photo.  So from then on I kept it up.  I took art at Patti Welder Jr. High School in 7th grade. I learn how to do pencil and charco portraits and the color wheel on mixing colors.  I kept drawing . Most important thing is how to draw things and make them look the same.   Took art again in sophomore year at Victoria High. Then  practiced drawing and painting.  All thru my family live and work I did some painting for our kids and friends.  at age 75 now retire from Air Force with 22yrs and a Vietnam Vet. and retire from NASA JSC in Houston with 23 yrs.  Now spend most of my time painting more since covid started.  I’m an avid fisherman, in Fly fishing, Saltwater and fished Bass tournaments for 14 yrs. Our son Ray Hanselman Jr is on Bassmaster Elite Series. He also is a fishing guide and hunting guide in Del Rio. TX  See Ray Hanselman

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