Jim Payne

Hello. My name is Jim Payne. I am a retired classroom teacher.  After 40 years of teaching in junior high and high school, I turned my attention to photography, a hobby that began when I was in high school.  It was there a family friend let me use his 4×5 view camera and his darkroom.  Then, as an education/journalism student at North Texas State University, I worked as a photographer/photo lab assistant for the university’s newspaper and yearbook.  I also worked for the Denton Record -Chronicle, the local newspaper, as a reporter/photographer.  I sold my first picture to the Associated Press while I was in Denton.  I was hooked.  I loved photography.

 However, instead of becoming a photo-journalist, I became a teacher. I taught journalism/photography, English, Industrial Technology classes, one of which was Computer Applications.

 After retiring, I began to pursue photography again, this time as a wannabe nature photographer. I took nature photography classes and workshops from some well-known nature photographers – Joe McDonald, Bryan Peterson, Larry Ditto, and Ruth Hoyt.  In addition, I read books authored by Arthur Morris, Steve Perry, Art Wolfe, John Shaw, Alan Murphy, John and Barbara Gerlach, and others.  I became active in the Victoria Photography Club where I continued to learn from some really good amateur photographers – Jim Feig, Mark Oberle, Ted Goris, Mary Gail Moody, Richard Korczynski, just to name a few.  Along my photography journey, I expanded my study to include portrait, landscape, and flower photography.

Even though I retired from teaching in the public schools, I have continued to teach. I taught photography to junior high students at Trinity Episcopal School. I now teach photography to adults at the Victoria Art League.

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