Kenzie Brett

Hello! My name is Kenzie! I LOVE to draw eyes. That may sound kind of… creepy. Oh well! It’s what I like to draw! In my freetime I mostly draw, I’ve been drawing since… 4th Grade! (Wow… that was… a while ago huh?) I’m currently 13 years old, the UNLUCKY number-and as far as 2022-23, I go to Cade Middle School and I’m in 8th Grade. (In 2023-24, I will be at West High School for 9th Grade.)

My favorite thing to draw is either cartoon characters or my OCs. (Original Characters.) I’ve already told you about how I like to draw eyes. My favorite cartoon characters are probably some of the Cuphead characters, (Video Game Cuphead) and I like to draw the Five Nights At Freddy’s characters. And the occasional Disney character. I actually… don’t have that many OCs, but I do have a main one. (She has FOUR arms, and ONE eye!)

Long story short, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE to draw, it’s something I can’t live without. I also like to do drawing suggestions from my friends. Drawing is amazing, and I’m so happy I get to do the Victoria Art Walk! I can’t wait to see everyone else’s art, as well as getting to show my own! So EXCITED!


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