Nathan Rodriguez

Nathan Rodriguez is a local artist who’s native to Victoria and has been given the opportunity to grow with Victoria’s art community.

Nathan has been an artist trying to grow with his art since he can remember from a young age, but started his career as early as 16.

He has been given many opportunities over the last few years for mentorship, growth, inspiration and hands-on experience with the art community here;including projects with Free Art Victoria, displaying work at the Nave Museum, and donating pieces to organizations such as Tickled Pink and the Victoria Zoo. Nathan is only planning to do more to help shape and bring more to the table for not only himself but for others as well.

Traditional and digital works with a specialization in the ink medium, he aims to have a diverse range in styles, themes and mediums. For him, it’s important to have an interest and explore all avenues of art, including the techniques, people, culture, history and the pieces themselves.

Nathan plans to pursue and finish his masters in fine arts and art history and is looking into starting his bigger business idea for his art with a potential shop. 

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