Presley Winters

Presley Winters is a 11 yo artist who loves creating many types of art. Presley’s favorite types of art to create are costumes that depict her characters she has created. She also loves digital art, drawing, painting, sculpting and 3 D modeling to be printed on 3D printers. She also loves experimenting with different methods of making her mascot type character costumes to improve certain aspects and reflect her newer more innovative ideas. Presley says she’s also always trying to learn new techniques and explore new forms of creating her artwork.

Presley creates all of her artwork from start to finish by herself. This includes making a list of items she will need and going to the arts and craft stores and picking it all out herself. She loves looking through fabrics especially different types of fur like materials until she finds just the right one. She is excited to share her creations.

Presley attends the Bridge program at the Vine School in Victoria. She believes having Autism helps her see things differently and adds a special aspect to her art she creates and is looking forward to sharing her artwork with everyone.

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