Kirby Edwards

   Hello there, my name is Kirby Edwards. I’m an artist locally grown here in Victoria, TX. I’ve been drawing, painting, and creating my whole 26 years of existence. Up until I started college (2014) I only drew with shading or colored pencils, but then taking college art classes I was challenged with painting projects. Being exposed to painting I found a new love in acrylics. Their water based and fast drying properties really fit my work pace and lifestyle.

   I’ve always enjoyed painting animals and nature as my main focus in my art. Their colors are vibrant and their different textures are so intriguing and challenging.

  However, I never wanted to feel like I was just replicating a picture. So I started adding quirky things or situations to these animal paintings to make them unique. I was truly inspired to go this surrealistic route by seeing the many works of Greg “Craola” Simkins, who is a well known artist based in California who paints extravagant pop surrealistic pieces that involve animals and objects.

   Every piece I create now involves some sort of whimsical elements. It is my goal to create snapshots of a dream.