Tauna Turner-Shapovalov

My name is Tauna Turner   I started early in life being compelled to always draw, which led to continuing my art studies. My art is inspired by nature surrounding where I live and grew up along the gulf coastline of Texas, which I have always loved. I studied and pursued an art degree at Northeast Lakeview in San Antonio, Texas.  I have been painting and drawing for over 30 years, and recently have become a full-time reborn artist.  My impressionistic acrylic paintings add warmth to fine homes across the gulf coast bend.  My favorite subjects include inspirations from coastal scenes, people and places traveled.  For me, to paint is to live in the moment.

Exploring my environment and looking within I always find motivation.  I hope I will always be exploring and learning new means of painting. I have always been enchanted by the ocean and it’s unspoken power.  My goal is to bring peace to people as it does for myself and to be a part of a solo arts shows to showcase my progression in my painting.  I would love to grow to where I can show in galleries across the State.

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