Jordan Htoo

Jordan Htoo stands as a promising young artist in the colorful world of art, where creativity knows no boundaries. As he continues to explore the diverse palette of colors, mediums, and subjects that art offers, we eagerly anticipate the next chapters in his artistic journey. Jordan’s story serves as a heartwarming reminder that art is not just a pastime but a boundless source of joy and wonder—a world where each stroke of the brush or manipulation of clay holds the promise of new creative adventures.

Garrett Charkalis

Greetings!  I haven’t touched a brush in 20 years.  A bit underwhelming, I’m sure.

Under all the grill grease and beer foam still thumps the heart of a painter.  I’ll be cooking during the Artwalk, and I’ve got plenty of paintings to display, so I figured why not?

Please be aware… if you pull my string I might not shut up about all that artsy nonsense.

If you can make the walk I’ll have some masterpieces to witness down at Greek’s 205.  Oh, and officially I have a BFA in painting from the University of Louisiana.

Nanette “Kolu” Berger

Nanette Kolu Berger is a retired registered nurse. She enjoys having more time now to play with grandchildren and dabble with art. Her favorite subjects are her grandchildren and chimpanzees. She paints mostly in pastel , watercolor and acrylic. This will be her 3rd time participating in the downtown art walk and is thrilled that there is an avenue to show her work and meet other art lovers.

Mackenzie Heller

Mackenzie, a young artist, began her creative journey at age 5, mentored by the talented Clair Santellana. Her passion for art runs deep, and she’s explored various mediums to display her artistic skills. Now, at 7 years old, Mackenzie is thrilled to enter the dynamic Victoria Art Scene. Her debut at the Art Walk promises to be a radiant display of her blooming talent.

Kirby Edwards

   Hello there, my name is Kirby Edwards. I’m an artist locally grown here in Victoria, TX. I’ve been drawing, painting, and creating my whole 26 years of existence. Up until I started college (2014) I only drew with shading or colored pencils, but then taking college art classes I was challenged with painting projects. Being exposed to painting I found a new love in acrylics. Their water based and fast drying properties really fit my work pace and lifestyle.

   I’ve always enjoyed painting animals and nature as my main focus in my art. Their colors are vibrant and their different textures are so intriguing and challenging.

  However, I never wanted to feel like I was just replicating a picture. So I started adding quirky things or situations to these animal paintings to make them unique. I was truly inspired to go this surrealistic route by seeing the many works of Greg “Craola” Simkins, who is a well known artist based in California who paints extravagant pop surrealistic pieces that involve animals and objects.

   Every piece I create now involves some sort of whimsical elements. It is my goal to create snapshots of a dream.

Candy Hahn

Candy Hahn is a mosaic artist, based in Port Lavaca, Texas, who began creating mixed-media mosaic artwork in 2009.  Candy explains her work, “Mosaics and mixed-media mosaics are my niche.  I love taking things we see as broken, such as shards of glass and tile along with found or discarded items, and bringing them to life in beautiful new forms. We do the same thing in our lives, and mosaics are the perfect medium for us to visualize the beauty that can come from imperfection.”  Candy specializes in using photographs as models to translate images into custom mosaic projects.


Candy’s artwork was recently highlighted in a Mosaic Art blog titled, “Composition and Correcting the Model,” by Joe Moormon, artist.


A blog containing photographs of Candy’s work can be found at, on FaceBook @ Smidgen & Shard, LLC, and her creations are available in her Etsy shop, SmidgenAndShard.


Candy’s pieces are currently on display at the Bee Cave Arts Foundation gallery, The Hive, Austin, Texas, as well as the CMA2 “All Mixed Up!” virtual exhibit.  She was also a featured artist during the Art at the Bend exhibit, November of 2022.

Kimberly Rickman

My name is Kimberly Rickman.  I’m better known as Ziggy the clown. I’ve been painting faces 7 years and started other types of art about 4 years ago. I like the freedom felt while creating.

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